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Shot Rock Boulder Walls

Shot rock boulder walls are a more cost effective alternative to the native boulder walls. Shot rock requires breaking methods and come from quarries and from other locations that required blasting. These rocks have rougher, sharper edges and are generally brighter in color prior to the aging process.


Precast Concrete
Retaining Walls

Precast walls are manufactured to be uniform and stack easily. 

Native Boulder Walls

Native boulder retaining wall have become a "signature" of Bryson Grading. Native walls offer a beautiful and natural alternative for retaining walls spanning up to 30 feet in height. Native rocks are natural laying rocks that have been removed from the earth without using breaking methods. These rocks have smoother edges and prettier faces. 

Retaining Walls

Bryson Grading & Paving takes great pride in building the highest quality boulder walls. We are Western North Carolina's premier boulder wall builder having successfully built over 300 retaining walls.  All of which are still standing strong today. Our staff is committed to safety and functionality, as well as appearance. We offer an array of boulder material to fit any budget or aesthetic preference. Please call the shop to inquire about our competitive pricing. 
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